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Limited commissions

As I have a baby due in a month's time I have limited the commissions I am taking. Knowing this baby could arrive at any time all commissions taken have no specific deadline.

All prints are still available either mounted or framed.

** Latest Portrait **


This horse is loved by so many people. The partnership he had with his rider is 2nd to none and admired the world over. After his emotional retirement in Dec 2016 I just had to draw him. I was lucky enough to have full permission from photographer Samantha at Frog & Field, to use her photo's from the evening as reference.

'A Fond Farewell'

** Colour Pencils **

This snake was by far my longest drawing so far. The reference photo was taken by Angeline Rijkeboer on Paint my Photo, and used with kind permission. He will be available as prints and greetings cards.

                                                                           March 2017

  My name is Melanie Christian, I live in Kent, England. I am a free hand pet and animal portrait artist. 

I have been drawing for as long as I remember, with a short break when I finished school. It wasn't long before I picked up the pencils again and rediscovered my passion. With the support of my family and friends I set up Mel Christian Animal Portraits in mid 2011. Taking my first commission in September of the same year. The only other break I have had from drawing was at the beginning of 2014 due to being heavily pregnant and welcoming my beautiful daughter to the world.

  On this site you are able to view some examples of my work. My favoured media is graphite pencils, and also enjoy coloured pencils, having had more practice with them this year. I have drawn a wide range of animals including dogs, ducks and lizards. However my favourite animal to draw has to be the horse. This stems from spending a lot of time at the stables when I was younger.

  Please have a look through my website and if you have any questions you can find my email address and other information on the Contact Me page. I am more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.