I have always enjoyed drawing. As a kid I loved nothing better than to draw my favourite horses from the riding school. I'd draw anywhere I could, paper, sketch pads, even school books. I'm often asked where I studied art and the answer is I haven't. I did art AS level, but I didn't get a very good grade. In fact I was told by me teacher afterwards that I should have put more drawings in my projects.

After school I didn't draw much, I worked at the riding school I grew up with, passing on my knowledge of horses and riding to others. Moving on from there I worked on a bar, then in a shoe repairers but I was soon drawn back to horses. Working with dealers, eventers and show jumpers.

Whilst working at the show jumpers I rediscovered my love of drawing. We would often stay away at shows and I would spend my evenings doodling from photos on my phone. I shared a few of these on my personal Facebook page, and after some lovely comments and encouragement I sold my first commission in 2011 (Picture on right).

Looking back I'm amazed how far I've progressed. Everything I've learnt has been self taught, mainly by trial and error, teaching myself the basics of animal shapes and how to create depth within a portrait. I started doing this firstly with graphite and then a few years later I started to experiment with colour pencils.

I now have 2 young children that keep me busy, which means my drawings are generally completed in an evening, once they are in bed.

I also have 3 furry cats that keep us entertained on a daily basis. They have lead to many hours or practicing and experimenting with different techniques.

Colour Pencil Realistic Cat Portrait
Colour Pencil Realistic Cat Portrait
Colour Pencil Realistic Cat Portrait
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Hi everyone! My name is Mel and I'd love to welcome you to MC Animal Portraits!

If there is anything you'd like to know, I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.

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